100 Days of Code: Days 35 – 36

I’ve been working on learning the Flutter mobile UI framework over the last couple days as part of my 100 Days of Code journey. Flutter is quite an exciting new tool that recently hit Beta. Here’s a great article about what makes Flutter potentially so great. If you don’t want to read a 15 minute article, here’s a 2 minute YouTube video which sums it up quite nicely:


I’m learning Flutter using 3 different methods:

  1. Following the Google tutorials. This is probably a good place to start, but it moves at quite a fast pace and assumes a lot of knowledge. If you aren’t familiar with reactive programming, you might struggle to understand what is going on. I am using these tutorials mostly as an introduction to the framework.
  2. Watching a YouTube series created by a channel called VoidRealms. The first 18 videos in the series go through the features and syntax of Dart, the programming language that Flutter is built on. Only after laying this foundation does it start going through Flutter. For the same reason that you can’t really be proficient with the JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS, VueJs, Angular, etc) until you are familiar with Javascript, I think it’d be foolish to learn Flutter without at least some understanding of Dart.
  3. Slowly re-building the School in a Box app in Flutter. This will take me a while! The idea here is to take the educational app we use at the Social Project and convert it from a Java app to a Flutter app. Even if I don’t complete it, the process will speed up my learning, as I will have to figure a lot of things out on my own.
Screenshot from 2018-03-08 18-27-09
My app is probably not ready for the Play Store yet..

This mix of following a step-by-step tutorial, watching detailed videos and figuring things out on my own has proven to be the fastest way for me to learn something new. Hopefully it works out for me with Flutter as well!

Gif found on Flutter.io home pageAs a web developer, I am used to refreshing the page and seeing my changes instantly. Fortunately, you get the same experience with Flutter’s hot reload feature.

I am also making sure I spend some time practising my JavaScript skills. I’ve completed a couple algorithms on FreeCodeCamp, read a chapter in Eloquent JavaScript and worked on a new feature in my side project, the Collective web app.

Over the next few days I’ll continue learning Flutter and I might go to another dev event on Saturday evening. I probably won’t spend too much time on coding this weekend though, life is busy and rest is important.

Happy coding!