100 Days of Code: Days 37 – 41

I haven’t written a blog post in a while, but there has certainly been a lot of code written in the last few days! I’ve built two full sites and made good progress towards completing my Pomodoro Clock App.

Day 37


I completed the ‘Build Beautiful UIs with Flutter’ course. It was a great introduction to a framework I am very interested in learning more about. I’m going to put it on hold for a while, as my sights are set on finishing the Pomodoro Clock project for Free Code Camp. Once I’ve built that as a chrome extension, I will return to Flutter to try re-create it as a mobile app. That sounds like a fun challenge!

Day 38

I worked on a web optimization project for a client pretty much the whole day. It was interesting to dive into the network and performance tabs on Chrome Dev Tools and really dig into the different scripts that are running and how they impact performance.

Once I had completed this project, I was too tired to apply my brain to coding, so I spent time researching progressive web apps and watched this YouTube video, which had some great insights on how PWAs improve the user experience:

Day 39

Today I started working on the code for my Pomodoro clock. I focused on getting the basic countdown code working in vanilla JavaScript. I decided not to use Vue or any framework yet – this project is pretty simple functionally – so far its only about 40 lines of JS code.

basic pomodoro.png
No CSS added at all yet – just a few lines of HTML and JS.

I still need to add buttons which allows users to choose breaks and sessions as well as some way to configure the time periods.

Day 40

I added a bit of styling to the clock today. It certainly looks better than plain HTML, but I am not certain I like the design yet. I plan on using this app myself, so I need to choose a design that I want to see every day.

Started putting together the design..I might change this to a ‘darker’ look.

I use dark mode for everything from Gmail to Twitter to Atom. I think I will likely change this design to something dark as well. Something like this really appeals to me:

This is the design for the Bedtime iOS app. I think I want to change my Pomodoro Clock App to look similar.


Day 41

I spent all my coding time today building a WordPress site for a client. This was a last-minute job – I had one evening to do everything from design to deployment. I enjoy the challenge of putting something together under pressure, so I got a lot of coffee ready and coded till the early morning.

I definitely didn’t have the time to build a theme from scratch, so I used the excellent Genesis Framework. WordPress themes can be incredibly frustrating to work with – if you want to do something slightly different from the theme’s design, it can be a nightmare to dig through the code and change things. I find that the more ‘features’ the theme has –  custom plugins and site builders and all of that, the harder it is to actually do what you want it to do.

The Genesis Framework is different. The code quality and documentation are amazing. Once you get the hang of the underlying PHP code and how it all works, it’s easy to change whatever you like.  If you are interested in WordPress Development, I highly recommend checking it out.

I managed to complete the site and publish it before the deadline. The client was happy, and everything went well. It’s always a great feeling when things come together and you manage to pull off a challenge under pressure!


That’s all for now. I’ll post again in the next day or so with some updates on my Pomodoro Clock app. I hope to have at least the Chrome extension part done by next week.

Happy coding!